Honorary Heritage Moment: William Shatner

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Welcome to our weekly feature of Canadian Heritage moments. This week we’re going to make an exception and create an ‘honorary’ Heritage Moment: William Shatner’s Priceline coupon commercials.

Shatner is of course a Canadian treasure: he’s most famously known as Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek. He’s also the face of Priceline.com, an online booking company that has famous commercials that showcase Shatner at his looney best.

With so many commercials to choose from, … Read the rest


What To Do on Canada Day

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Like Canada itself, options for Canada Day activities are wide ranging and decentralized, with no one accepted activity to celebrate the birth of the Canada as we know it today. The great thing about Canada day is that it can be celebrated in any way, shape, or form that one desires. You could start a pledge to lucid dream in 2018

Canada Day is usually celebrated across the country with a variety of outdoor activities … Read the rest

The ‘Burnt Toast’ Canadian Heritage Moment

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Our Most Requested Heritage Moment:

Have you ever smelled freshly-ground coffee beans and then found that no one was making coffee? What’s your first reaction? If you’re like most people, it’s ‘I’m having a seizure!’, or ‘I’m having a stroke!’.

Pretty much every single Canadian knows exactly what you’re talking about when you say you smell ‘burnt toast’. It’s become short-hand for ‘I think I’m having a stroke’ in every day … Read the rest

visit canada in the winter

Why visiting Canada in the Winter can be a Romantic Escape

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Millions of tourists come to Canada to see the natural beauty and culture…in the summer. While Canada does have visitors to popular winter destinations like Whistler or Banff (for skiing), the winter is usually considered the ‘off-season’ for tourists in Canada.

Who would want to go there in the winter? It’s cold up there?!!

Canada can actually be a great choice for a romantic winter getaway. It has many event and locations where you can … Read the rest

Heritage Moments #4: Basketball!

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Fact: Canadians invented Basketball!

This is a fun one, and it’s a great piece of trivia to stupefy any of your U.S. friends or loved ones. Seriously, if you ever do any cross-border dating, and I highly recommend it, this one will surprise and astound the date you met on Match.com or whatever dating service is trending with the kids these days. Just don’t tell them that, because you’re Canadian, you used a match.com couponRead the rest

superman canadian

Heritage Moments: Superman

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A Canadian Fought For The American Way?

superman canadian
So…this guy’s Canadian?

Is Superman Canadian? Well, no. But in these Canadian Heritage Moments, they highlight a cool part of Superman’s history that most people don’t know.

First, the part that people know: Superman was co-created by two people: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. They met in Cleveland, Ohio, and struck up a friendship fueled by their passions for writing stories and creating characters.

Now, the Canadian part: … Read the rest

Heritage Moments #2: Halifax Explosion

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Welcome back to our weekly series featuring Canadian Heritage Moments, which were commercials that ran on Canadian television in the 1990’s.

A Heroic Self-Sacrifice.

This one is actually quite sad and I’m glad that they created this commercial, as it highlights and important moment in Canadian history that most people in Canada weren’t aware of.

For those who don’t know, the Halifax Explosion was the largest explosion in the world until the atomic bombs were … Read the rest

Canadian Heritage Minutes #1: Kanata

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Welcome to our series featuring Canada’s ‘Heritage Moments’, a series of commercials that aired on Canadian television in the 1990’s. We’ve decided to take a look at each one and the historical moment in Canadian history they depict.

Kanata…Yes, the village.

In this video we see Jaques Cartier and his explorers as they encounter the Iroquois as they venture up the St. Lawrence river.

While the Iroquois are pointing out the route to their village, … Read the rest