Governor General’s Welcome

In Canada, our material well-being and our social conscience have combined to create a country that is often described as the best in the world. While we are proud of this accomplishment, we know that our present good fortune is built on the convictions and actions of earlier Canadians. Their efforts brought our society into being, and its present and future growth will be safeguarded by our knowledge of the perils and opportunities that history offers.

The lessons we learn are important not only to Canadians, but to people throughout the world. We need to understand how we have become what we are and what encouraged us to follow this path. Whether it is learning about First Nations’ folklore, appreciating the links between the fiddles of Cape Breton and Quebec, or understanding the hardships of the families that settled on the Prairies, these are stories that have helped shape the Canadian identity.

The Canadian Heritage Gallery presents a wonderful collection and its web site gives us a deeper insight into our history and achievements. In today’s global community, the Internet and web sites have become our means of transportation so it is a joy to find such a rich source of Canadian history at the click of a mouse. Congratulations to the designers of the Canadian Heritage Gallery web site and good reading to its many visitors.

His Excellency the Right Honourable
David Johnston
Governor General of Canada