Honorary Heritage Moment: William Shatner

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Welcome to our weekly feature of Canadian Heritage moments. This week we’re going to make an exception and create an ‘honorary’ Heritage Moment: William Shatner’s Priceline coupon commercials.

Shatner is of course a Canadian treasure: he’s most famously known as Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek. He’s also the face of Priceline.com, an online booking company that has famous commercials that showcase Shatner at his looney best.

With so many commercials to choose from, we figured that we would choose one in which he costars with old friend, the late-great Leonard Nimoy:

Seeing this commercial, I can’t help but wonder about what Shatner said to the notoriously-reclusive Nimoy as he called him up and asked him to be in a commercial together.

The two have been life-long friends and their famous on-stage barbs were reason enough to visit a Star Trek convention in the 80’s, 90’s and early-aughts (Nimoy retired from the convention scene in 2011).

Priceline.com is an online booking agency. It’s not a Canadian company…in fact its only real Canadian content is its spokesperson William Shatner. Still, we are not affiliated with Priceline.com in any way. We just wanted to feature our Bill.