visit canada in the winter Coupons and Canadian Winters = Romantic Escape?

Millions of tourists come to Canada to see the natural beauty and culture…in the summer. While Canada does have visitors to popular winter destinations like Whistler or Banff (for skiing), the winter is usually considered the ‘off-season’ for tourists in Canada.

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Canada can actually be a great choice for a romantic winter getaway. It has many event and locations where you can enjoy your winter with your loved ones. And since it’s the off-season, you are likely to get cheaper flights, hotel rates, and admission prices. On top of that, sites like Expedia offer discount travel packages for destinations during their off-season (check here: You could stay even longer, or use your savings for a second vacation!

1. The Quebec Winter Carnival

Did you ever wonder what Montréal and Québec in Canada could be like – quintessentially French cities transplanted into the middle of North America? One of the best times to travel to Quebec would be to go there in time for the Québec Winter Carnival that runs through a whole two weeks from the last week of January to sometime in February. What started out years ago as a carnival before Lent meant for new immigrants, has developed into a full-fledged season of merrymaking, and it’s something no one traveling to this part of Canada should miss.

The Winter Carnival is a great family event. Everywhere you turn up in the charming little winding streets of Québec, you’ll see everyone hustling along wearing brightly colored caps and gloves, and see impossibly cute children bobbing along behind their parents slipping up in the snow. The main ambassador of the Winter Carnival is Bonhomme, the smiling Giant Snowman. It could be in the spirit of things to start off your tour of the Winter Carnival where the snowman is – at what is considered his home, the wonderful Place du Palais, opposite the parliament. The palace itself is a remarkable piece of architecture – being built out of ice as it is. Each year, they build the palace to a different theme – sometimes modern, sometimes traditional. Get there in time for the opening ceremony, and you’ll be in for a great treat in witnessing the fireworks display that dwarfs anything you’ve ever seen. Your travel to Quebec should be made worthwhile by the fireworks display alone.

Your first stop enjoying the Winter Carnival should probably be Place Desjardins on the Plains of Abraham. It’s a wonderful place filled with skiing, sleigh-rides (horse drawn and otherwise) and all kinds of snow games. You’ll see the best snow sculptures you’ve ever set eyes on, and there are shows and cafés to enjoy all over the place. Incidentally, snow sculpting happens to be an important part of the Winter Carnival. They even have an International Snow Sculpture event that master sculpters come from all over the world to participate in. The appropriately-named Carnival Street has lots of traditional French eateries and pastry shops lined up for you, and impossibly well-sculpted ice sculptures outside each one of them lend a surreal air to the proceedings. Québec started out as a city for the fur trappers of the region. Their favorite drink for the Winter Carnival was traditionally something made out of the blood of Caribou and whiskey. Drinks called for Caribou are still the signature drink of the Winter Carnival, though it’s made of less disturbing stuff these days.

All over, you’ll see advertised, sporting events that could only come to you in Canada – dog sled competitions, canoe races on the icy Lawrence River for instance. Travel to Québec in time for the Winter Carnival, and you’ll see a part of Canadian culture that you never knew existed.

2. Newfoundland

The east coast is an amazing place to travel when someone wants to see some breath taking views and sights. Newfoundland is an island just off of Nova Scotia. It is an island that is full of landscaping and mountains. There is a variety of quaint towns and villages full of friendly people and neat discoveries. Bed and breakfast options as well as motels are available to guests.

3. Montreal

The middle regions of Canada also feature some neat attractions. Quebec is a mostly french province that features an amazing city called Montreal. There are lots of shopping places and little cafe’s that spill out onto the streets. The land is breathtaking to explore and learn about. There are many trails that run along the forestry and water areas.

4. Toronto

Many tourists travel to Toronto for a great holiday. This city is vibrant in culture and tourist attractions. There could be some landmarks to discover as well as places to see. The island is located just across from the city and can be seen by view. A ferry can take guests over, where they can enjoy dining and exploring.

5. The West Coast

The west coast of Canada is full of amazing sights and sounds. There are lots of mountains for skiing and national parks to visit and explore. The city of Vancouver is also packed with amazing things to see and do.

Beaver Lake is another attraction of the place. It is a man-made lake. The water in the lake is so fresh and pure that one can even use for drinking water. Other attractions of the place include ski slope and a sculpture garden.

Bonsecours Market: Do not forget to visit the Bonsecours Market. Here, you can get all your shopping desires fulfilled. Leather goods, garments, arts and crafts are available here. In order to reach there you can either take a bus or a metro. Located near the market is an old building that represents a splendid display of the 19th century architecture. You can also visit the underground Carrefour Laval mall. And shop the items of your choice.

Apart from the above mentioned places there are a number of other places where you can enjoy yourself during the winter. Some of the famous nightclubs of the place include Ivy Nightclub, 2108 Club Terrace, Jet Night Club and Rouge Bar.

Vacation during the winter Canada is a great idea for anyone who wants to explore and sight see. There are many activities to do and things to check out, whether someone stays in a city or heads to the rural parts of the country.