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Heritage Minute: Lucy Maud Montgomery and What AncestryDNA Says About RedHeads.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Heritage Canada has just released a brand new Heritage Minute featuring Lucy Maud Montgomery. Who is L.M. Montgomery? For every kid that grew up in Canada, she is better known as the author of Anne of Green Gables.

The Disappointment of an AncestryDNA Test:

Personally I just read those books and fumed with jealousy at how red her hair was. But it’s a genetic thing, unfortunately, so I’ll never have red hair. Even with my weird European history, a genetic DNA kit I did revealed that neither me or my kids will ever have red hair like Anne. (Update: for those asking, we added some ancestrydna subscription coupons). Here’s the video on L.M. Montgomery. It’s a decided step up in production values from the Basketball video of the 90’s for sure: L.M. Montgomery’s life story is actually quite fascinating and she’s definitely more than just the writer of the Green Gables books. She wrote over 20 other novels, as well as working her way through suitors that’s worthy of a book all by itself.

Anne of Green Gables is a World-Wide Phenomenon:

Most Canadians assume that the novel, which takes place in P.E.I., is a book that only Canadians know about. But there are live productions of the novels all over Europe and Japan. There was even an ‘Avonlea’ theme park in Japan in the 1990’s! Many tourists from around the world visit Prince Edward Island because they want to see all the locations… Read the rest